Work for whoever you want, as long as you want.

Work for whoever you want, as long as you want. As a Uniforce Professional you can take on any assignment you want. What form of work is involved? Which solution suits you best depends on: the assignment, your personal financial preferences and existing legislation. These factors together determine which solution suits you best as an independent professional.

There are several possibilities:

  • Billable Hours B.V. (Ltd.)

    Firstly, you can start working from a Declarabele Uren B.V. (DUBV). This is a unique legal form that Uniforce sets up together with you. With this form of work you will be seconded from that DUBV so you can accept all assignments. A form of entrepreneurship with social security.

  • Personal Agent

    You can also choose for our secondment formula Personal Agent. A solution in which we work in your interest and with which you never lose control. You set up your own working conditions based on your rate.

  • Complementary services

    There are also additional services for all Uniforce Professionals. Think of low-cost administrative support 'Personal Books' or the transparent calculator 'Personal Pay'. With this calculator you can calculate what you will keep net from an agreed rate.